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I have always wondered how can we give the average coffee drinker the same experience we have as coffee buyers. We taste incredible single origin coffees regularly and we play with flavor different characteristics to combine them into unique blends. I wanted to invite the home brewer into our world in one simplified experience.

So, we’ve built a service that takes both the armchair coffee novice and in-deep coffee fanatic alike on the same journey of learning to taste coffee characteristics and dive into stories about the farmers, roasters, and countless hands that made this coffee possible.

My goal is to demystify blends and prove to people that as long as the core ingredients are top-notch, blends can be an interactive, unique, and easy way to sip a cup of coffee.The process is curated and the coffees have been chosen so that the master blend will be something truly delicious and interesting, no matter how the votes land.

If you are curious, we will have a option for you to try the other blend (constructed with components that didn’t make it into the master blend) in a one-off shipment each season. Because of our intensive taste-matching protocols, we plan on proving that a thought-out blend can be equally as delicious albeit very different in flavor. The Inner Core subscription is in beta, and we already have ideas for how we’ll make every season more interactive and interesting!

I didn’t want to stop there, though; we’ve createda community that is chock-full of benefits (beyond getting great coffee regularly).


So what are the benefits of being a part of our community, the Inner Core?

  • Clearly you’ll never run out of coffee - great!
  • You can gift the creations you were part of to friends and family.
  • Pause shipments if you want to keep them to yourself and are just a little overstocked.
  • Elect to put your subscription money towards items in our merchandise and equipment store. More information on this one to come later.

It’s great coffee made simple--and it’ll driven by you, the Inner Core.

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