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Toddy Cold Brew System

Toddy Cold Brew System

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Introducing the Toddy Cold Brew System! 

Say goodbye to watered-down iced coffee and hello to smooth, robust, and flavorful cold brew with the Toddy Cold Brew System! This easy-to-use brewing marvel brings the joy of cafe-quality iced coffee right into your own kitchen. ☕❄️

Unbox the excitement with these amazing components:

1️⃣ Brewing container: The foundation of your cold brew experience!
2️⃣ Brewing container lid: Keeps your brew protected during steeping.
3️⃣ Brewing handle: Perfect for lifting and maneuvering with ease!
4️⃣ Glass decanter: Keep your cold brew fresh and ready for sipping!
5️⃣ Decanter lid: A snug fit to ensure your brew's freshness!
6️⃣ Reusable felt filters (2): Ensuring a clean and smooth coffee experience!
7️⃣ Silicone stopper: To seal the deal and maintain freshness!
8️⃣ Paper filter bags (3): Added filtration for an even cleaner brew!

Looking for the perfect coffee to pair with your Toddy Cold Brew System? We've got you covered! For a super approachable and delightful everyday cold brew, give our Shift Blend a try. It offers a well-balanced and smooth taste that is perfect for your daily caffeine fix. 🌞☕

But hey, we know some of you crave adventure! For the daring cold brew enthusiasts out there, we invite you to explore our rotational single origin coffees. Each unique and enticing in their own right, these exceptional beans will take your cold brew experience to new heights, adding a dash of excitement to your daily routine. 🌍🚀

Ready to brew? Follow our simple and foolproof recipe using a 1:6 coffee to water ratio in metric measurements:

1️⃣ Coarsely grind 317g (12oz) of your favorite coffee.
2️⃣ Place the coffee grounds into the brewing container.
3️⃣ Pour 1900ml (64oz) of cool, filtered water over the coffee grounds, ensuring they're fully saturated.
4️⃣ Give it a gentle stir, cover, and let it steep for 12-24 hours at room temperature.
5️⃣ After steeping, remove the silicone stopper and let the cold brew concentrate flow         into the glass decanter.
6️⃣ Dilute the concentrate with water, ice, or milk to your desired strength, and enjoy!

With the Toddy Cold Brew System and your choice of coffee, you'll be sipping on heavenly, refreshing cold brew in no time. Happy brewing! 🥳☕❄️


» Get Started with the Official Toddy Brew Guide


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