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Tectonic Coffee Coffee Decaf Colombia 12oz

DECAF Subscription - Save 20%

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Tasting Notes: 
Milk Chocolate,

Elevation: 1700m
Region: Timana, Colombia
Variety: Caturra, Variedad Colombia
Process: EA Natural Sugar Cane
Decaf: 99.5% Caffeine Free

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Don't knock the decaf until you've tried it. 

As we hunted for a great decaf, it started to feel like the search for something delicious was a lost cause--that is, until we found this offering from Cauca, Colombia. We took a great deal of time to make sure we brought a decaf on board that could hold its own next to our other offerings. Cauca is the culmination of intensive sourcing, sample roasting, and cupping; it's not an afterthought. In fact, it's quite tasty and we're looking forward to seeing how this decaf will break your preconceptions about decaf.


This coffee from Cauca, Colombia is decaffeinated using an EA Sugar Cane process.

Extracted sugar cane ferments are used to pull caffeine out of the bean in what is hailed to be the most “natural” process available. Coffee that has just been exposed to mild steam & water--which causes the beans to swell without rupturing the cell walls--is passed through an EA Sugar Cane wash. The EA Sugar Cane solution bonds to caffeine, which is washed off from the surface and interior of the bean during a second steam & water wash. 


Decaffeination Process

This process removes a minimum of 97% caffeine and can go up to 0.03% of residual caffeine. This particular offering is certified to have had 99.5% of caffeine removed.


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