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Ethiopia Gemede Dekama (Member's Only)

  • Story

    “Say hello and wave goodbye” - David Grey

    We only use that one line from what is an otherwise sad song and make it our own as we celebrate change and wave goodbye to our award winning Ethiopia Feku Jibril.

    Welcome Gemede Dekama we look forward to getting to know you, I am sure we will become best buds as we spend time dialing you in and making you pretty in the cup.

    Qirtira Goyo is a village located in the Dimtu Werda of the Hambela Wamena Zone, which borders Gedeb and Uraga on the East. The washing station Gemede Dekama is where farmers from the surrounding area come and get their income and their coffee cherry processed.

    This is our first time buying from this washing station and we are excited to share it with you. The surrounding mountains climb as high as 2200 meters above sea level producing some incredibly great heirloom cherries on somewhat new coffee plantations.

    It is particularly juicy, complex and as a drip coffee it will delight you as it cools in your morning mug. If you want to try it as espresso go to any of our wholesale partners that carry it and let them showcase their skills and the coffees exotic characters. (need a list of our wholesale partners? Just email us).
  • Tasting Notes

    Lemon Tea, Peach and Jasmine.

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  • Brew Guide

    • Water Temp200
    • Dose (How Much Coffee)28g
    • Grind SettingMedium
    • Bloom Water weight60g
    • Bloom Time60s
    • Total Water Weight415g
    • Total Time3-3:30
    • NotesBe sure to rinse your filter thoroughly with hot water! Be sure to use a slow, even, circular pour starting on the outside and spiraling in!
  • Roasted December 23, 2018

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