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Ethiopia Buku

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    Let our love for heirloom coffees out of Ethiopia never end! Those delightful flavors that develop as the coffee cools in your mug make you yearn for more. This coffee was selected by our Roaster and Quality Control Specialist Douglas Meils so guess who is excited to have you try it???

    Here is what we know.

    Buku Lot 132 is from Hambela Coffee Estate, a well established farm that has a history going back as far as the second world war. The Ethiopian Emperor at the time awarded Mulumebet Emiru, the first African female pilot, some valuable land in Guji and Sidamo and the rest as they say is history.

    The estate is noted for strengthening the local community with employment, a workforce that is over seventy percent women, education, university scholarships, sponsorship of an elementary school, healthcare and cancer screening programs, all made for the local community.

    Along with their philanthropic efforts they have an ever expanding out-grower program designed to provide technical assistance for more than 5000 local farmers. The education goes towards rewarding farmers by paying high premiums for their cherry and secondary payments once coffee is sold.
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  • Brew Guide

    • Water Temp200
    • Dose (How Much Coffee)28g
    • Grind SettingMedium
    • Bloom Water weight60g
    • Bloom Time60s
    • Total Water Weight415g
    • Total Time3-3:30
    • NotesBe sure to rinse your filter thoroughly with hot water! Be sure to use a slow, even, circular pour starting on the outside and spiraling in!
  • Roasted February 17, 2019

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