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Colombia San Antonio (Member's Only)

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    Colombia is one of the rare coffee-producing countries that has two harvests annually, which means we get to enjoy amazing coffee from here year-round! As a rule of thumb we find coffees that are brighter in flavor but still exhibit exceptional body and we’ve chosen this particular coffee for the Inner Core because it’ll hit the mark if you like a blend that is a bit more adventurous in flavor.

    San Antonio is located in the Cauca region of southwest Colombia near Cali. The majority of the coffee is grown in this region though the small farms are often no larger than a few hectares.

    This particular coffee is produced by 100 small farmers in the Inza region. Drying coffee once it has been harvested is typically done on the producer’s land, even on their roofs. Its a 12 to 24 hour process depending on how ripe the cherries are or how much coffee there is to harvest.
  • Tasting Notes

    Grapefruit, Raisin and Cocoa.

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  • Brew Ratio

    Recommended brewing ratio (coffee:water): 1:15

    Here's a simple pour-over recipe to get you started

    33g coffee (medium), 450g water at 200°F

  • Roasted August 26, 2018

    Colombia San Antonio
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