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Kenya Gatomboya

  • Story

    For the inner core-ers this will be a tough decision. Ethiopia vs. Kenya. How to choose between two stunning coffees? Will it be the round flavors that this Gatomboya brings to the table? That delightful bergamot fragrance that lingers? Will that be the winning combination that gets it into the master blend?

    Tough, we do not envy you.

    Here is what we know.

    The 1300 farmers that come together in a farmers co-op called Barichu, bring to the Gatomboya (named after the Gatomboya river) around 800 tons of cherry a year. Gatomboya is a famous washing station and does its due diligence to make sure that their farmer’s interests are taken care of.

    A lot of co-op’s pay their farmers upfront for the weight of their cherry. If their lots are selected through Kenya’s auctions for a fantastic price the premiums are brought back to the Barichu where they will usually, by vote, decide how to spend the extra money.

    The Barichu Farmers cooperative society operates a coffee shop on its premises catering to travellers on the highway. The income allows the society to reduce their overhead thereby increasing the farmer’s income.

    Good luck in this final decision for the Master Blend.
  • Tasting Notes

    Apple, Kumquat and Bergamot.


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