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Ember 10 oz Mug White
Ember 10 oz Mug Black
Ember 10 oz Mug White
Ember 10 oz Mug Black

10oz Ember Mug 2.0

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Sound like a lot of money?

Well if you use it every day, and you will, that works out to just $0.35 cents per day over the course of a year. Watch Chelsea Morgan Stock unboxing the essential Ember Mug. 

Ember is the world’s first temperature control smart mug. It’s the first of its kind and does more than simply keep your drink hot. With a built-in battery, it keeps your hot drink at the perfect temperature that you select, so you never have to microwave coffee again.

Your coffee, tea, or other hot beverage is ready for you when you want to drink it.
Featuring award-winning design and patented technology, Ember allows you to set the precise temperature of your hot beverage so you can enjoy your drink from the first sip to the last drop.

Many people comment how Ember is a “game changer!”

Key product technology

Ember connects to the Ember app, where you can select your perfect drinking temperature. This selling guide will help you understand Ember’s key features and benefits for temperature-controlled smart mugs.

Now with longer life battery for up to 90 mins before needing to recharge. 


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