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Tectonic Blend
Tectonic Blend

Tectonic Blend

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70% NariñoColombia
 Guji, Ethiopia 


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Tectonic Blend - A Thrilling Experience for the Adventurous, Bronze Medalist

Embrace the extraordinary taste of our Tectonic Blend, a proud Bronze Medalist in the 2018 Golden Bean Awards. This exceptional blend showcases a unique combination of 30% Ethiopian coffee and 70% Colombian coffee, boasting classic raisin notes that set it apart from the rest. Designed for those who love acidity and crave a truly adventurous coffee experience, Tectonic Blend will captivate your palate and take your coffee appreciation to new heights.


Don't forget to check out our video explanation on our blends over on our stories HERE they are designed to take you on a flavor journey as you explore our menu. 


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