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Instant Coffee - Shift Blend
Instant Coffee - Shift Blend

Instant Coffee - Shift Blend

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Tasting Notes: 
Milk Chocolate,
Browned Almond

70% Brazil

For more on this seismograph see this video

The Shift Blend Instant Coffee: The World Is Your Cafe.

Enjoy a classic coffee flavor with a sweet twist with The Shift Blend instant coffee. Made with premium, arabica coffee beans sourced for their quality and consistency, this blend offers a smooth and balanced taste that is perfect for any time of day.

The careful instant process results in a high-extraction concentrate, preserving the nuanced flavors of each individual coffee origin. From there, we use the freeze-drying method to dehydrate the brewed coffee, ensuring up to 97% of the coffee's enzymatic activity is preserved.

The Brazil coffee in The Shift Blend provides a consistent traditional coffee flavor, while the Direct Trade Honduras coffee add depth and variety to the taste. Hazelnut, milk chocolate, and browned almond notes make this blend a delicious choice with or without milk. It's no wonder it's a favorite among our partner cafes.

The Shift Blend subscription: Save 10%

At Tectonic Coffee, we believe that great coffee should be accessible and convenient. That's why we offer flexible subscription options, so you can have your favorite instant coffee delivered right to your door. Choose from weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly delivery options and never run out of coffee again. With our subscriptions, you can enjoy the delicious, high-quality taste of The Shift Blend instant coffee whenever you want, without the hassle of frequent trips to the store. Start your subscription today and experience the difference that premium instant coffee can make in your daily routine.

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Each box contains 6 instant coffee satchels (6 pack). 


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