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Colombia Coffee, Cauca, washing station

Exploring the Wonders of Cauca: The Region and Process Method Behind Our Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is renowned worldwide for its quality, complexity, and versatility, and one region that stands out is Cauca. Located in the southw...
Golden Bean Awards 2022

Golden Bean Awards 2022

We had an incredible year this year at the Golden Bean Awards which is dubbed the largest coffee roasting competition on the planet.
Pedro Echaverria Part 2.

Pedro Echaverria Part 2.

Here we go, we have just released the 2nd lot from Pedro and we KNOW you have been anxiously waiting for part 2 of the podcast. Have you tried any...
Pedro Echavarria Part 1 - Colombia - Permagino Coffee

Pedro Echavarria Part 1 - Colombia - Permagino Coffee

Part 1 - Recorded Wednesday, November 18, 2020 Topics included in this episode - Introduction COVID & Positive Cases within staff How did...

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